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The Ultimate 7-YEARS Termite Protection Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of termites does Agenda® control?
Agenda® controls subterranean termites, including the dampwood termites and drywood termites.

How can Agenda® apply in my home?
Agenda® can be applied of both pre and post construction treatment. When use during pre-construction, apply as a trench or coarse spray into the soil. For post-construction treatment, it can be applied as a trench to the soil or by rodding to the target area.

Is Agenda® treatment safe for pests and human?
Agenda® is known for it safety. As long as you follow the labels instructions and treat against the foundation of the home, it is safe. Fipronil is the most widely used product for flea and tick control on dogs and cats worldwide.

What is Agenda® environmental impact?
Agenda® is diluted with water before any application so that the strongest concentration of active ingredient is the applied solution is just 0.06% which is extremely low! And Agenda® target to apply directly into the soil and not be founds in exposed surfaces.

Will Agenda® have or leave odor?
No odor.

Does Agenda® have a lasting effect?
Yes! When applied in the ground around your property, Agenda® can remain effective for 7 years.

How should I choose a good pest management professional to apply Agenda®?
Appointed Agenda Applicator company. This is a pest control company that has completed the Agenda® training program, and been certified by Bayer to use and apply Agenda®.

What would happen after the Agenda® 7th year termite protection program?
You can always contact back the pest management professional to seek for re-treatment option.

When is the best time to apply Agenda®?
Agenda® should not be applied if it is going to rain the same day or at least 24 - 36 hours time after you treat before it rains as Agenda® needs to bond to the soil for long lasting effect.

What makes Agenda® different from other product in the market?
Agenda® has very low water solubility and therefore will not leach through the soil. Agenda® tightly binds to organic matter in soil, which also limits its movement. All of these physical and chemical characteristics contribute to Agenda® remaining active in the treated zones to provide 7-years termite protection program.

When Agenda® re-treatment needed?
Previous soil treatments are suspected to no longer be in place to protect the structure due to movement or removed of treated soil or even new or untreated soil being introduced.