Crowsfoot Grass

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Crowsfoot Grass
Species category: Grasses
Scientific name: Eleusine indica

Crowsfoot/Goosegrass – What is it?
Crowsfoot grass (known as goose-grass in the USA) is a tufted, hairless annual which can reach 50cm in height with a very strong fibrous root system.

Stems are upright to sprawling and can form a dense mat; however they do not take root at the nodes. At the base of the stem, they tend to be flattened and form a tough rosette.

Leaves are shiny, dark green and hair free.

When does Crowsfoot/Goosegrass occur?
Crowsfoot grass germinates when soil temperatures reach 15-18°C. This can be approximately 2–3 weeks later than summer grass. It also requires moisture and light for germination.

What damage or effect will Crowsfoot/Goosegrass have?
It is very competitive in thin, open turf and turf subject to heavy traffic. It is a most troublesome weed on golf tees, fairways and sporting fields.

One plant can produce 1000s of seeds and is very easily spread through wind dispersal.

This grass can tolerate close mowing thanks to its often flat and sprawling growth. It is also hardy and can cope with dry conditions.

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