Product Overview

With Esplanade, we provide our customers with an innovative solution that addresses the unmet customer and market needs in forestry today. Through its unique product profile, forestry businesses benefit from more efficiency and improved productivity.

Product Description

Save one Application

One application less for more productivity whilst reducing costs and labor work dependence.

Advanced Technology

Customers need to apply 23% less herbicide in weight during the entire treatment program. This reduces the amount of water needed for applying herbicides of up to 20%.

Sustainable Operations

Machine hours decrease leading to 25% less diesel consumption and associated GHG (CO2 eq) emissions.

Use & Safety

Where to use

What to control

Crowsfoot Grass Grasses

Application rates and delivery

Esplanade® is a key solution for better yields and improved business practice making plantations more efficient/profitable. Why?
  • Provides ongoing fight against weeds in its first year allowing ideal plant growth achieving desired yield at harvesting time.
  • Delivers much longer-lasting residual activity than the standards: up to 5 months. This means more productive application; less herbicide sprays are required, allowing you to save on both labor costs and time.
  • Simplifies the management of your forestry operations with reduced logistic costs for product and water transportations.
  • Provides an easy to measure and mix product, simplifying operations.

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