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Harnessing our expertise for impact

As the demand for modern pest control solutions rises, most conventional methods are starting to be perceived as suboptimal choices. But this does not stop the Environmental Science (ES) team from introducing innovations with a customer-first mindset.

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With people around the world slowly transitioning to a post-pandemic, more optimistic state of living and working, expert researchers present a parallel discovery: Pests are also thriving on a rebound trajectory towards the new normal. A research in Sydney, Australia coined this ‘the boomerang effect’—where as soon as food outlets reopen, the rat and mouse floodgates will follow suit.

This discovery spells opportunity for the pest control industry at large and an even higher demand for specialised pest management solutions to curb the growing populations of cockroaches, rodents and flies. But opportunity doesn’t come without the necessary obstacles. Our industry faces the challenges of labour shortages, low productivity and reliance on conventional solutions over digital alternatives.

There is also resistance emerging on the consumer front. For example, an increasing number of homeowners are opposed to chemical spraying under the floor of houses, citing health reasons. This standard solution is now even more challenging and inaccessible to execute due to the way modern building structures are designed. That is where our team’s innovative and customer-driven approach comes in.

The ES team’s process is all about harnessing our expertise to ask the right questions. ‘What if we stopped spraying chemicals under the floors altogether?’ In termite control, this iterative way of innovating inspired the DominoZoneTM, a novel method that builds a chemical layer around the perimeter of a house, effectively solving the problem while boosting productivity during application.

Effecting change through the lens of the PCOs is key because that is one of the most effective ways to listen to market feedback and adjust our offerings accordingly. Case in point, the Pest Expert 360° app was developed by the ES team in India to address rising demands of top-class customer service and resources to share domain expertise among professionals. The app empowers the operators through loyalty programmes, upskilling opportunities and, more importantly, it serves as a platform that enables a two-way interaction within the community.

Adopting a customer-first mindset not only drives Mike’s passion for innovating. This approach also impacted the outcomes for his clients in a meaningful way. Because of Mike’s hands-on and personalised way of collaborating with PCOs, clients like Mr Miao, he was able to deliver creative ideas based on the needs of end-users and stringent hygiene regulations that major organisations require. “We now have more enterprise suppliers coming to us for our services, including Huawei, OPPO and the headquarters of Rural Commercial Bank,” says Mr Miao.